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The Unseen Force Holding You Back.

Why You Should Listen to this Episode

Your performance or lack of performance is controlled by an unseen (but not unfelt) power within you. Most people don't realize it's there and certainly don't know how to control it.  After this episode you will.

The Secret Force Inside of You

Right now, there is a powerful force within you learning from everything you are experiencing and it's been doing that since before your birth. The reactions from your peers, the comfort from you mom, and even the events you only imagined happening, it's all programming this powerful force within you.

Everything it's been programmed with is influencing what you feel at any given time. When you're overwhelmed by a big task, when you feel anxious before stepping on a stage, when you feel nervous before you walk into a networking event...  it's all thanks to the power of this secret force. 

It's called your implicit memory system. Every human being operates with two types of memory, implicit and explicit. Your explicit memory is made of your visual or other sensory memories. When you recall your 10th birthday, that's your explicit memory. When you remember the car you had in high school, you're accessing your explicit memory. 

The other type of memory operating within you is your implicit memory. This is what keeps your body functioning with you giving an ounce of thought to it. Your implicit memory controls what you feel, not what you see. 

The Power of Your Implicit Memory

Your implicit memory resides in the "primitive" part of your brain which is the survival-based sector. This means, it's going to do whatever it needs to do to keep you alive. This part of your brain is always in record mode. Whether you're sleeping, awake, or even when you were still in your mothers womb, this part of your brain was recording. 

Your Primitive Brain will always overpower your Rational Brain. No matter how illogical it seems.

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Every single event which caused any type of trauma or unregulated flood of emotion in your body was noted by your implicit memory.

You may have felt embarrassed by a girl or had a teacher ridicule you in front of the class. Anything that raised up emotions you couldn't control would activate this part of your brain. 

When this flood of emotions or electro-chemical energy hits our brain, our survival system kicks in and releases tons of internal opiates which helps us cope with that emotion. It also splits this energy off from the rest of the brain and stores it in the lower brain where it sits frozen in time. 

Rearing It's (Not So) Ugly Head

This part of your brain can't differential between people, time, or place. That means, when it senses another threat to survival (remember, it's the primitive brain which is controlled by the survival instinct) even if it's not the same person, location, or if it happens to be 40 years later, it steps up and does it's best to stop the perceived threat.

This is why, when you get up on a stage to speak, your implicit memory will flood you with feelings to remind you of the threat it sees in your actions. It's recalling a time when you were younger and you experienced public shame from a similar event. Remember, it can't distinguish between people, time, or place. So, it only needs to be a loose association.

Remember, your implicit memory isn't something you SEE, it's something you feel. That's why you don't see it coming for you. You just look back and wonder why you got so nervous or why you didn't finish a project you started. It's all in the power of your implicit memory. 

How to Remove Negative Memories

The key to overcoming this powerful memory system is understanding that emotional memories can't be undone with our explicit memory or logical brain. 

This is why you positive affirmations or self-talk before a big presentation will only temporarily suppress your feelings, but not completely eliminate them.

You must have new positive emotional experiences to mix in with the previous negative memories. The operative word is EMOTIONAL experiences. These must be something you FEEL internally. 

The good news is, these don't have to be real experiences, they can be something you visualize as long as that vision brings up a strong positive emotion. 

John Explains in the Episode

If you want to learn more about the process of "memory reconsolidation" take a few minutes and listen to this episode. John goes into much more detail and gives excellent examples of how you can see massive increases in your performance by addressing your implicit memories. 

When you learn how to create new emotional experiences you will improve your performance, but when you learn how to completely remove these split off emotional memories, you'll move from force to flow. 

Most people achieve their goals through sheer force overcoming the power of their implicit memories. When you remove them, you will find yourself in a place where your maximum performance freely flows from you. 

Imagine never having to fight to stay on course. Imagine never having to struggle to get done what needs to be done. Imagine your success happening without even trying.  This is what's possible when you remove your emotional blocks. 

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