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Master This and You’ll Be Unstoppable!

What This Episode is About

Discover why most people struggle to perform at your very highest levels. It's not desire, talent, or even mindset.

You Can't Think Beyond What You Feel

Most high-achievers spend the majority of their time, effort, and money mastering their attitude, aptitude, and mindset, but overlook the one item that's most likely to keep them from their maximum human potential... their emotions.

The world is littered with talented people living mediocre lives. Too many talented people are stopped just short of their very best and they have no idea what stopped them. The desire was off the charts and no matter how many times they told themselves they could "do it" they always had something which got in the way and kept them from achieving their goals. 

Your Blocks Are Emotional Not Mental

Emotions rule your life and you most likely don't realize it because they operate from your "Implicit Memory" rather than your "Explicit Memory."

"You can't think or act beyond what you feel." - John Hawkins Jr.

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Remember your first kiss? You can probably still hear the song that was playing, or see the eyes of the person in front of you. You might even remember what they smelled like. These are all explicit memories, but they don't control you, your implicit memories are the ones with all the power in your life. 

When you asked that girl out and she laughed at you, it felt like a punch to your gut. You were humiliated and your mind was overcome with emotional energy. This overwhelming flood of energy gets split off by your brain and stored in your lower brain. 

In the future, when you need to put your ego on the line to pursue something important, that implicit memory will come back and you'll suddenly find yourself not moving forward. Afterwards you'll shame yourself because you we're strong enough or you'll tell yourself you didn't have a strong enough desire. Truthfully, it was your mind protecting you from what it knows may be a harm to you.

This happens to us all the time and we don't even know it. We just know we didn't achieve our goals.

The Power of Our Emotional States

When you realize how much negative emotional states can stop you, you'll get very excited about what the positive emotional states can do for you. 

Take a listen to this episode and discover the power of emotional blocks and what you can do to overcome them and replace your negative implicit memories with positive ones that will propel you to your full potential. 

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